Welcome to K School

K School is a private Christian school that offers K-8 grades, elementary + middle school, 9 -12 grades, high school. K School offers small group classes to have better interaction between the teacher and the students and Our School will also provide many options to cater to a potentially busy schedule for any student. Each student has the option to inform the school about what time during the day and week throughout all seasons of the year, including summer, would be most convenient and arrange meetings with teachers. K School is open to many opportunities for students regardless of time, age, disability, race, gender and even personality and take classes to recover credits that they failed to achieve. Virtual online classrooms will also be provided as well as classes during the weekend. Lastly, this is a Christian school. Students will become familiar with Lutheran Christianity and faith while attending this school. Northwest Accreditation Commission K School was accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and Advance ED in 2012. Students would earn certificates and official credits by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and Washington State Accreditation Committee and Advance ED.


Fully experienced instructors / Accredited school by Advance ED / Daytime, evening and weekend classes available /Customized learning plan / Stress free and fun classes / Affordable rates / Step by step systematic training / few students per class / Students will become familiar with true gospel and Lutheran faith while attending school


Federal Way School District 와 함께

학교공부에 어려움을 겪고 있는 학생들을 돕고 있습니다.  수강료는 무료 입니다.
  • Math, Writing, Reading
  • Sunday class 3pm-6pm, weekday class or afterschool (*3 class hours a week per student)
  • September, 6 2020 - June, 3 2021
  •  대상: Federal Way School District School 에 재학중인 1-12 학년
  • Federal Way School District School 이  아닌 지역의 학생들도 가능
  • K-School Math team 학생들이 씨애틀 수학경시대회등 권위있는 수학경시대회에서 다수의 수석자들을 배출
  • Email: admin@kschool.org
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