Kyoosun Chung / Principal

Subject: Math

Kyoo Sun Chung graduated from Worcester State University in Worcester Massachusetts, and majored in mathematics and minored in education. After his college education, he served in the United States Army for over 12 years as an accountant. He went back to Pierce College to obtain one-year accounting program certificate. He is certified as 9th through 12th grade mathematics teacher from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.He has taught students in North Bridge High School in Whitinsville, MA. He has great passion for education and loves to be a mentor for young students. He has two children, Favian and Helen. Both graduated from Evergreen Lutheran High School.


Hannah Park

Subject: Reading / Writing / Math

Hannah Park has graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with her Bachelors in English Literature, minoring in Children Literature and Studio Arts. She also graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with her Master’s Degree in Education. She has experience studying away for her education, studying in Uganda for Environmental Literature, Oxford University in the United Kingdom for English Poetry, and Italy for International Music Theory courses. Hannah is a published poet, currently working on a manuscript for publishing in the future. She has spent over 5 years teaching and tutoring English, Art, and Math to K-5 students and now moved to teaching English to 6-12 graders. Currently she is at Summit Public Schools: Sierra, in Seattle, teaching English 9th grade and other electives.


Pawares Pathompornvivat

Subject: Chemistry, AP Biology / Physics / Mathematic

Pawares Pathompornvivat graduated from University of Washington in Seattle with master’s degree in teaching with endorsement in chemistry and science and Bachelor degree of Science for Biochemistry and minor degree in mathematics. Math Tutoring Experience over 7 years including at University of Washington pre-calculus and calculus levels.  Highly experience with Bellevue School district curriculum Science Tutoring Experience over 5 years including AP & SAT II for Chemistry, AP Biology and Physics. SAT/ACT Tutoring Experience for Math and Science for over 5 years for various companies. Experience tutoring for students with special learning needs including ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety and Autism Currently at Franklin High School for Chemistry.


Sang-Seon Yun

Subject: Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry

Sang-Seon Yun earned his BSc. and MSc. in Oceanography from Seoul National University, Korea and his Ph.D. in Marine Biology from Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Since 2000, he has been working in some academic institutions such as Michigan State University, Kunsan National University, and the University of British Columbia, conducting fisheries and environmental research and mentoring Native American students. He currently working as a consultant assisting the Skokomish Indian Tribe for their water quality laboratory.


Merri Kriewall

Subject: English & ESL

Merri Kriewall grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, attended the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point, and moved to the Seattle area after her husband received a job offer with Boeing. She has taught ESL and English at Kschool since 2012. Merri enjoys gardening, reading, swimming, biking, and sewing and crafts.  She has four children and five grandchildren.


Pastor Youn soo Park

He graduated Seoul Han-Young University in Korea, and Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary and Wisconsin Lutheran  Seminary in US. Pastor Park is still studying for advanced degrees at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He has Completed bilingual teacher course in Pacific Lutheran University at Tacoma, Washington. He has three family members, Amelia Park(wife), David Park (son), Ashley Park (daughter). When he lived in Korea he served in Kwang-ju Lutheran Church, and Mokpo Lutheran Church south west form Seoul,  Korea. Pastor Park immigrated to the U.S. in 1998, and is serving Korean Lutheran Church since 1998. Pastor Park has taught Catechism for 7~8th grade and counseling for international student at Holy Trinity Lutheran  School since 2006.


Mihyun Yi

Mi-hyun Yi graduated from Mokpo University in South Korea with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She immigrated to the United States in 2004. She is married to Chun-su Yi, and has two children, Lindsey Yi and  Tiffany Yi. Since 2010, she has been and continues to serve the Korean class of KSchool.


Jung hee Choi

 Jung Hee Choi is a member of Korean Lutheran Church, and is teaching students in Kschool.  She was born and raised in Korea. She has moved to the U.S. in 2000.

Sub & Volunteer Teachers

Yuna Paik / Shiori Tabe / Hadassah Choi /  Hosanna Choi